Our facilities feature some of the most cutting-edge treatment technologies available, including:

Atrial Fibrillation Ablation

Heat is used to destroy tiny areas in the heart that are firing off abnormal electrical impulses and causing atrial fibrillation.

EKOS System

Lower doses of clot-buster medicines are delivered directly into the clots, while ultrasound pulses help the medicine permeate the clot and dissolve it fully and quickly.

Impella Device

This temporary ventricular-assist device is used for coronary intervention patients during high risk procedures. The cardiologist and cardiovascular surgeons will determine patient eligibility.

Pantheris™ Lumivascular Atherectomy System

This recently FDA-approved treatment provides relief for patients suffering from the painful symptoms of peripheral artery disease (PAD). The real-time, image-guided therapy allows physicians to see and remove plaque simultaneously.

Synergy Drug Eluting Stent

This stent, made of bioabsorbable polymer, provides simultaneous drug and polymer absorption. Designed for faster healing, this new stent inhibits coronary blockages from recurring.

TactiCath Ablation System

During an ablation procedure, the TactiCath system gives physicians more control with a real-time, objective measure of the force that the catheter applies to a patient’s heart wall.

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